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7:00 PM EST | 4:00 PM PST




This year's Ray of Hope 2021 Virtual Benefit will be broadcast live from Tel Aviv! You’ll have an opportunity to learn about the impact of ELEM’s life-saving work with Israel’s at-risk youth and meet fascinating guests, including youth who have overcome tremendous challenges and our incredible staff and volunteers who work on the ground in Israel.

See a little known part of Israel with a visit through its darker corners and meet the young people whose lives you're helping to change for the better.

Fran Drescher.jpg

Fran Drescher

2021 LifeSaver Award Recipient


Rona Lee Shimon

International Actress and Netflix Fauda Star

Judy Gold Headshot.jpg

Judy Gold

Entertainment - Emmy Award Winner

Rachel Bloom.jpg

Rachel Bloom

Speaker - Emmy Award Winner

Diana 1 (1).jpg

Diana Golbi

Entertainment - Israeli Idol winner

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ELEM's deep understanding of the multi-cultural tapestry of youth in Israel lets our counselors incorporate their diverse cultures, religions and values that are an integral part of their family dynamic and drive their behavior.


ELEM knows that youth live online. That's especially true for at-risk youth who want anonymity and ease of access to help. 100,000 youth are assisted annually by ELEM online with  individual and group counseling, 24-hour email support and chat support that provides guidance and information. An innovative system to screen sites for at-risk youth allows ELEM to intervene in dire situations to help avert a crisis. We have seen a huge spike in online inquiries since the beginning of the pandemic.


ELEM understands the stressors that can disable the learning process for young people, cause them to fall behind and drop out of school. ELEM centers in schools address these issues before they overwhelm youth and help them to stay in school. In addition, ELEM provides workshops and vocational training.


For at-risk youth to regain trust, they must feel comfortable. ELEM's counselors and volunteers are streetwise, hip and informal. They dress similarly to the youth they serve and they speak their language. ELEM’s programs have no traditional offices. We meet youth on their turf - the streets, parks, nightclubs and places where prostitution takes place.


The nonjudgmental relationships ELEM counselors develop with at-risk youth allow youth to trust ELEM when all trust has been lost with adults. This model is at the heart of ELEM's special consultative status with the United Nations to assist at-risk youth worldwide.

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